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Heated (90F)

This unique vinyasa sequence is designed to ground the students into their hands, feet and core. The classes combine standing postures, sun salutations, and floor postures for an energizing, full body experience. The teacher will provide demonstration and verbal cues to help you connect with your own inner strength and develop your practice. Mind-body connection and physical growth are both fostered in this class.  This class is for all levels from beginner to advanced because the teacher offers modifications to raise or lower the level of intensity based on our students individual needs. 


Heated (90F)

This is a high energy, powerful class focusing on alignment and personal awareness of the breath. The flow moves at a moderate to intermediate pace. Inversions and arm balances are integrated into the practice. You will build strength while gaining flexibility. Get ready to move and sweat!



Heated (90F)

When muscle meets yoga...Yoga Sculpt is born. Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks in our Yoga Sculpt class. You’ll combine free weights with a yoga flow sequence and incorporate cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls. Plan to tone, strengthen, and SWEAT..

3-2-1 FIT!


This heart-pumping, full body workout is great for exercisers of any level! We will guide you through 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength, and 1 minute of core. After each 6 minute round, we take a break before we hit it again! Please wear comfortable, clean exercise shoes for class.


Warm (80F)

Barre is a full body workout that uses isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements while incorporating cardio, light weights, core work and stretching to define your body. Barre utilizes moves inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates all while using the barre for balance. You will target the muscles that play the biggest role in body change, then keep those muscles working intensely just long enough for them to change. This class is an energetic and physical class for all levels.

Flow to Slow 


This class offers a wonderful mix of yin and yang, movement and rest. The first half of class focuses on flexibility and movement (Vinyasa Flow) and the second half of class focuses on rest and relaxation (Restorative). Absolute beginner to advanced levels are welcome! Bolsters, blankets and blocks will be used in this combination class.



PiYo combines the strengthening benefits of Pilates with the flexibility enhancing effects of Yoga. Set to music, this dynamic, energetic program will provide a full-body workout without straining your body. This low-impact workout will increase your fitness level – core strength, cardio, flexibility, stability, balance, and posture – as you move from one exercise to the next. This class is open to all levels as the instructor will provide modifications both up and down. 



PHYSION is more than what you'd expect out of a typical group fitness class. Instead, it's better to think of it as a progressive journey to find out how capable your body can be paired with celebrations of personal strength. PHYSION welcomes all levels and ages to take action towards the mission to live a healthy lifestyle in an environment that is fun, rewarding, and challenging. PHYSION classes are coach led, providing a level of personal training with a self-paced circuit format and repetitive personal adaptations throughout the entire workout. You can expect lots of encouragement, demonstrations, and optimized individual adjustments every session. It's like having a personal training program shared with all of your friends.

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