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We are a community of individuals who like to move, breathe, sweat, meditate, and laugh together.  We rise to challenges, as well as sink willingly into deep pause.  Everything in the space is held together by the many individuals of our community.  

We believe that yoga + fitness is for everyone regardless of age, body type, or experience level – it’s never too late to start your yoga practice or fitness journey. We offer a variety of different class styles and levels to meet everyone's ability. 


Where the community gathers ~ Our studio was designed to make you feel like you are right at home. The moment you walk in the door you are welcomed by a beautiful sliding barn door hung from a white ship-lap wall that even Chip and Joanna would be proud of. The studio space itself is elegantly simple to allow for you to focus on what you are really there for. You will also notice our studio is Mirror Free, so you can focus on the person you are on the inside, not what you see on the outside.

Our Heat

Our studio space is heated with state of the art Infrared Heating Panels. Just as the sun heats us, our heaters radiate sun-like warmth that feels extra good on those frigid Wisconsin mornings!

"Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness,
which unites your body to your thoughts"

Thich Nhan Hanh

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